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Experience the superior taste and freshness that comes from the finest locally grown produce, delivering unparalleled flavor to your table.

Our Mission

What we bring to the table

Sunny Meadow Farm is committed to using sustainable, pesticide-free methods to grow fruits, vegetables, grains, and free-range poultry.  Our facility is located on a renovated 1809 barn complex that has been a farm since the mid-1700s. 

Our commitment to the land and local community is at the core of what we do.  We employ best practices that lead to responsible local food production .  

Seasonal Abundance

Local food that's out of this world

Step into the Sunny Meadow Farmstand, where the freshest produce you can get awaits. Located right on our farm in Bridgewater, CT, our farmstand carries an array of produce, poultry, eggs, and flowers all grown on site. Our farmstand showcases the very best of the season's bounty.

Every visit to our farmstand is an opportunity to connect with the land and support local agriculture. Embrace the taste of the season and discover the unmatched freshness that awaits you at Sunny Meadow Farmstand.

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Sunny Meadow Farm Offerings

Harvested daily

Fresh Produce

At our farmstand, we take pride in offering you the freshest produce possible . Our fruits and vegetables are harvested on the same day they make their way to our stand. This means you can enjoy the unparalleled flavor and quality of farm-fresh produce, knowing it was picked at the peak of freshness just for you.

Happy chickens

Cage free poultry

We believe in providing our Cornish Cross and Imperial Red chickens with a humane and natural environment . That's why our chickens roam freely on open fields without cages, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. When you purchase chicken or eggs from our farmstand, you can feel good knowing that our poultry was raised with care and freedom, resulting in wholesome and flavorful products for you to enjoy.


Bridgewater's Finest Maple Syrup

Sunny Meadow Farm is not only our trusted source of fresh produce but also the home of our own maple syrup production . We diligently collect the sap and begin the process of transforming it into pure golden maple syrup. Each step is carried out right here on our farm , ensuring that every bottle encapsulates the sweetness and distinct flavor of our local maple trees.

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